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Neighbor to Neighbor Massachusetts | Organizing for Working Families and Grassroots Democracy


Victory in Holyoke! Mt. Tom Coal Plant Announces Closure Date

Victory in Holyoke! Mt. Tom Coal Plant Announces Closure Date

Following years of community pressure, the world’s largest utility will close the Mt. Tom Coal Plant, an aging structure just inside the bounds of the city of Holyoke. The Neighbor to Neighbor-led Action for a Health Holyoke! (AHH!) coalition has cited Holyoke’s childhood asthma rate – triple that of the rest of the state – as a primary reason to close the plant. The closure is scheduled for October.

Our Campaigns

  • We are experiencing an unprecedented national economic crisis, which is having a disproportionate affect on people at the bottom of the economic ladder. Low-income people are losing jobs to layoffs, homes to foreclosures, and benefits to budget cuts. States around the country are facing massive budget deficits, and are dealing with the crisis through a combination of devastating budget cuts and regressive tax increases. In Massachusetts, the budget gap has spiraled to $2 billion. So far, the state legislature’s proposals have not resolved the grave fiscal problems confronting us.

  • Investment in green jobs and energy efficiency programs has emerged as a strategy for reviving the economy while protecting the environment. With federal stimulus funds now being distributed to state and local governments for these programs, it is crucial that low-income people have a voice in how this money is allocated in their communities. N2N-MA is working with other members of the Massachusetts Green Justice Coalition and T4MA to ensure that new efforts to green the state economy benefit low-income people and communities of color.

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