About the Environmental Expo

The Environmental Expo

The Environmental Expo aims to shine light on the environmental injustices in Springfield, a city that has been disproportionately affected by decisions made by leaders who have neglected to address their rights to clean air, transparent government, and the health and well-being of local children and seniors.  

Through interactive workshops with community members and organizers, we explore the history and context of environmental issues in Springfield’s North End. The workshops and companion website are intended as platforms for local residents to learn about the problems they face. We aim to connect residents to groups and organizations that are working to spread the word about existing systems and change them for the better. With this information, residents are better able to take action and empower themselves to make their own decisions about their communities. 

Communities bearing the biggest burden of pollution are resilient and ready to take action. The Environmental Expo aims to develop the leadership of community members to lead the decision making about what happens in their community!