Angelica Veloz

Lynn Organizer
(978) 390-7921

Angelica is a proud resident of Lynn, MA, pursuing her degree at North Shore Community College, focusing on psychology and art. Raised by a single mother who regularly worked ten hour shifts, Angelica brings her mother’s work ethic to Neighbor to Neighbor. Growing up, Angelica struggled with the realization that there where a lot of barriers just for her to survive in everyday life. In 2017, she volunteered for local political campaigns and signature gathering efforts, embracing the opportunity to talk politically about the issues that affected her, her family and her community. Since then she has been wholeheartedly invested in social justice and changing the systems that leave so many people in her community feeling hopeless. Using creativity as an outlet to make sense of the world, since childhood Angelica not only loves to paint and draw but has talent as a poet. In her free time, she enjoys reading or watching the Harry Potter series.